Octavi Bono Talks About the Success of the Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit 2018
by Alexander V. Kammel on 01 May 2019

Octavi Bono

Born in Riudoms, Tarragona, Octavi Bono i Gispert has been linked to the tourism industry since he was 16 years old. He started his professional career in hotel management and, for the past 21 years, he has been involved in tourism from a public administration perspective.

Most of his experience encompasses management at a local and regional level, up to managing the Directorate General of Tourism of the Government of Catalonia.

With a degree in Tourism and Political Science, and a Master in Public Management (EMPA), Octavi Bono has started a doctorate thesis about governance, its implementation within the tourism industry and the creation of a model to identify and quantify the level reached by public administrations involved in tourism management.

An australian singer-songwriter on tour around Catalonia loses his travel diary in a train station. Two friends find this travel journal and they decide to return it. Its notes become a wonderful and cultural experiences guide. They will live a great adventure following their own fate across Catalan lands

Octavi Bono, talks with Alexander V. Kammel about the story behind the video “The Route of Fate”, the World´s Best Tourism Film 2018. The video runs for the Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit and ends the circuit with 13 Awards – 7 Grand prix, 3 First prizes and 3 Honor mentions.

AK: Can you describe Catalonia?

OB: Catalonia is a Mediterranean country with gorgeous landscapes, popular culture and delicious gastronomy. Is a place to enjoy with its 588 km of beaches, to taste a cuisine that has become a culinary model aspired around the world with its 65 Michelin Stars, and to discover the huge legacy of our universal geniuses as Dalí, Gaudí, Pau Casals and some many others among them. The proof that Catalonia preserves and protects its heritage are the 13 UNESCO World Heritage recognitions. 2018 was declared the European Year of Cultural Heritage and the way to celebrate this ephemeris was creating “The route of fate”, a video that invites people to discover and enjoy our land.

AK: Why Catalonia?

OB: Because Catalonia could inspire us! It’s as simple as that, it inspires us and makes us feel good. When I talk about inspiration associated with a place, what I mean is that our immersion in it makes us feel satisfied. What we see pleases us and meets our expectations. What surrounds us generates comfort and makes us feel good. The people we meet and know are close and enrich us with their conversation. This is a good reason, isn’t it?

AK: Regarding your last video marketing strategy, can you please in your opinion, tell us why video is important to promote a tourism destination?

OB: Video is a key element in our marketing strategy. According to a study done by Google, 73% of travelers watch videos of destinations before traveling there. So we have to produce great video content and at the same time we have to work with video creators from around the world.

AK: In 2018, “The Route of Fate” won the Grand Prix CIFFT. How important is for you to be recognized as the World Best Tourism Film?

OB: In terms of Public Relations it was fantastic. This award put us in the media from around the world and the sector acknowledged the great work we are doing.

AK: Which feature of the film pushed up Catalunya to be the world’s best tourism film?

OB: I think that the audiovisual storytelling of the film is really impressive. The music is another item which enhanced the video.

AK: Could you describe your audience’s reaction to the film? And some impressive numbers?

OB: The video was viewed more than 800.000 times all over the world. And it became viral in Whatsapp.

AK: What is your message to the DMO´s about enter their films in the Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit?

OB: We believe it’s an ideal opportunity for DMOs to show their work and have some public acknowledge.

AK: What’s next for Catalunya? Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

OB: Lately we are working with Virtual Reality. We developed a videogame for Playstation, which allows you to discover more about our destination while playing. In one month, it was downloaded more than 100.000 times (it was in the ranking of the most downloaded VR videogames).

“The video was viewed more than 800.000 times all over the world. And it became viral in Whatsapp”

The Route of Fate - Grand Prix CIFFT for World Best Tourism Film 2018

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