Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival is the new official member
by CIFFT on 08 December 2020

The Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival is the newest official member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals – CIFFT. Based in Kyoto, the JWTFF is the first East Asian member to be part of the committee, thus integrating the World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals from 14 countries on four continents.

Founded in 2019, the JWTFF has stood out for its fast evolution and reaching the highest international standards for events in this category.

The festival has two competitive sections dedicated exclusively to films and videos that promote a tourist destination, product, or service: The International Competition and the National Competition.

In the last edition, more than a thousand entries competed for the coveted awards. It is important to note that some Japanese films, winners of the JWTFF national competition in 2020, after their participation, decided to participate in several international festivals on the circuit, thus increasing their international recognition with the achievement of several awards.

The festival model has video screening sessions, forums with experts from the audiovisual, tourism, and marketing industries to discuss trends and news in the sector.

The next edition of the Festival (2-3 March 2021) will be utterly virtual due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

According to the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index 2019, developed by the World Economic Forum, Asia-Pacific is the second most competitive region globally in terms of Tourism and Travel. Japan leads as the most competitive country in the area and the fourth in the world.

The membership of the JWTFF will bring a new cultural and innovation perspective to the CIFFT and contribute significantly to the greater competitiveness and attractiveness of the Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit, the most prestigious awards and recognition initiative in the Travel Video Marketing Industry.

For Alexander V. Kammel, director of CIFFT, “It is a great honor to receive at CIFFT an exceptional festival like the Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival. The achievement of this position is a merit of the event's organization, which over the past few years has worked tirelessly to achieve the highest level of quality”, said.

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