Seek less, find more
by Alexander V. Kammel on 16 February 2021

What does the traveler look for when visiting a tourist destination? Go to the main tourist attractions or just walk around the place and discover what it has to offer? Each tourist certainly has their preferences and a unique way of interacting with the place they visit. In Austria, you do not have to look far to find unique experiences. The promotional video “Seek less, find more” shows why.

As can be seen in the video, with or without a travel itinerary, in Austria visitors will be able to enjoy unique experiences in different places and situations. All they must do is to be open and sensitive to everything that the destination brings. After all, culture can be found in unexpected places.

Traveling enables a set of experiences, memories, and emotions related to the tourist destination, that can be striking and directly contribute to the image that the tourist will form about the place.

Video is one of the most powerful tools to transmit what the destination has to offer, including the experiences. It is no wonder that 92% of video marketers consider video an important part of their marketing strategy (Wyzowl), and 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands. (HubSpot).

Tourism promotion videos, as “Seek lees, find more”, have the power to transport the viewers to destination, creating an emotional connection and increasing the desire to travel.

According to Blanka Trauttmansdorff, Marketing Manager at the Austrian National Tourist Office, “When we buy a trip, we are making an emotional decision, so consumers expect that video sells an experience by being an experience.”, said.

The results of “Seek lees, find more” demonstrates the success of the storytelling and the strategy adopted. In the Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit 2020, a competition that brings together the World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals from 4 continents, the video received important awards at The Golden City Gate - ITB, US International Film&Video Festival, Silafest, Zagreb TourFilm Festival, FILMAT Poland, and Amorgos Tourism Film Festival.

The film also won the prestigious award of World’s Best Tourism Film in the promotion of Tourism Destinations Countries, putting Austria among the leaders in Travel Video Marketing.

To know more about the creative process behind “Seek lees, find more”, we spoke with Blanka Trauttmansdorff, Marketing Manager at the Austrian National Tourist Office, and Tessa Kadletz, producer at Das Rund GmbH.

Watch now “Seek less, find more”

The creative process behind “Seek lees, find more”

Interview with Blanka Trauttmansdorff, Marketing Manager at the Austrian National Tourist Office

  1. What challenges did you intend to overcome with the video "Seek less, find more"?

The basic challenge was to create a cultural message to capture a smart urban-minded target group in Spain, Italy, and France. Another challenge was creating and telling a short story, which will reach a high awareness between our selected target groups.

  1. What is the key message of Seek less, find more.?

The key message is that our three protagonists were in former time three students who knew each other about 15 years ago in Austria. They traveled from Vienna by train to Linz, Salzburg, and Innsbruck and had a great time together. Some years later, they find again on Facebook and decide to rediscover the four cities and try to discover the hidden treasures together. They seek less, but find more: magnificent views in Innsbruck, baroque senses in Salzburg, take a coffee outdoor and listen to classic melodies in Vienna, and modern and future experiences in Linz. They discover the four cities by the Railjet – the most sustainable way of traveling in Austria from one city to the other. When we buy a trip, we are making an emotional decision, so consumers expect that video sells an experience by being an experience.

  1. What emotions are you trying to evoke?

I think, the charming and smart experience discovering hidden treasures without missing the musts. Indeed, traveling with friends in small groups sharing the same interests and exploring the destination converts the trip into an unforgettable cultural adventure.

  1. What specific visuals should be captured by the viewer?

Incorporating video into your digital marketing campaign can help boost the message you are putting across and as a result achieve bookings. The selected target group gets in touch with special places and will be inspired to discover more about the cultural offer. We try to show hidden treasures, silent experiences, urban places all tagged with smart lifestyle and quality.

  1. In your opinion, how important is storytelling in Travel Video Marketing?

Storytelling transmits a very strong engagement between the viewer and the destination. A nice story behind can move emotions, and inspires the viewer to book their next trip to Austria, in our case.

Interview with Tessa Kadletz, producer at Das Rund GmbH

  1. How was the production process of "Seek less, find more"?

The process was an interplay between the creative who wrote the original concept and us, the production company who adapted the concept based on a great idea for the screen.

  1. What's the purpose of the video?

Getting to know a city is not always about looking for specific attractions, sometimes you find even more when you seek less. Sometimes a city shows you its hidden face when you just stroll around with open eyes and an open mind for unexpected experiences. The idea was to show an alternative way of traveling in comparison to common, more touristic tours in Austria.

  1. What were the goals for Seek less, find more.? In your opinion, did you reach them?

For us, the production company, and the wonderful director Mark Gerstorfer, it was a pleasure to do this project together with a great and trustful client and creative. We managed to get the best pictures out of the shoot, combined it with the perfect sound, the best editing, and of course succeeded in making the client happy. These are always our main goals, and yes, I think we reached them. 

  1. Video is a powerful tool to promote tourism destinations. Technically speaking, what is a good tourism video?

For me, it is always about the feeling and the emotion that is being transported. I don´t think that showing the highest buildings, the most splendid attractions and the most famous churches will help you make people want to visit a city. It is always about knowing who you want to reach and trying to catch those people with a specific flair for that city. And to be honest: I think good weather is always a good idea for a tourism film.

  1. Consumers see in the videos that tourist destinations bring them content with a clearer personality. Do you think the video is more effective in reaching people than traditional advertising?

Yes, definitely. We are living in a very visual world. When people don´t consume things with an intention, then the best way to catch their attention is always by using a moving image.

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