World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals: Stage Portugal
by CIFFT on 17 March 2021
World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals: Stage Portugal
by CIFFT on 17 March 2021

The ART&TUR - International Tourism Film Festival is a global competition dedicated to recognising excellence in all audiovisual content related to tourism promotion and destination branding. Its 1st edition happened in Barcelos in 2008, and since then, the festival went through important Portuguese cities, promoting the best audiovisual productions linked to Tourism.

Its mission is to support the competitiveness of destinations, tourism products and services by stimulating creativity and innovation, honouring the best projects, and giving them more significant national and international visibility.

From 2018, ART&TUR Festival rights were transferred from APTUR to Centro de Portugal Film Commission (CPFC). Associated with this change, and thanks to an agreement between the CPFC and the Regional Tourism Entity of Center of Portugal, the ART&TUR Festival will now be held in the Central Region, roaming through the various municipalities of the Center of Portugal.

The ART&TUR Festival is also internationally recognised for its diverse program, including different forums about the latest trends in the audiovisual sector in tourism, networking sessions, film screenings, immersive cultural experiences, and a charming award ceremony.


Annually the festival promotes integration between the event and the local community. The initiative ART&TUR Factory, for example, aims to promote the territories of Centro de Portugal through an innovative competition, in which the challenge is to make a film about the host municipality of the festival. The teams travel a week before the festival starts and have three days to film and two days to edit, and on the sixth day, they present their films in a special Festival session to the international jury.

As a forum for sharing experiences, the ART&TUR Festival has achieved high international recognition, thanks to the quality and quantity of films that it distinguishes annually.


Since 2008, ART&TUR is an official member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT), which brings together the 14 World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals from four continents, at the most prestigious awards and recognition initiative in the Travel Video Marketing Industry - The World’s Best Tourism Film Awards.

The ART&TUR stands out for its constant innovation, bringing not only an excellent competition for tourism films but also significant activities directed to the sector, such as the ART&TUR Factory. It is an honour to have ART&TUR as a representative of CIFFT in Portugal.”, said Alexander V. Kammel, CIFFT Director.


Founded in: 2008
Member since: 2008
City / Country: Aveiro, Portugal
Festival dates: 26th - 29th October 2021
Deadline date: 06/30/2021

Aveiro, the “Portuguese Venice”

Roaming through Aveiro is the same as diving in the waters of Centro de Portugal. Known as the “Portuguese Venice”, the city is quietly dominated by the Ria de Aveiro, described by Saramago as “a living body that connects the land to the sea like a huge heart.” (In: )

Aveiro, next to the sea and the ria (estuary), is crossed by a network of channels through which moliceiros (local boats) meander. These tiny, colourful vessels used to collect algae and seaweed, and today are for sightseeing trips. Visiting on foot does not mean too much effort either since the city is flat. Anyone who enjoys cycling can take a “BUGA” - bicycles made freely available by Aveiro City Council.

Aveiro has a number of buildings in Art Nouveau style that are worth seeing. Many are situated along the main channel, but there are some off the beaten track and in other locations.

Another essential place to visit is the Aveiro Museum in the Convent of Jesus, where you can admire the Mausoleum of Princess Saint Joana and the gilded woodcarvings that decorate the interior of the church. These are to be found in abundance in the chapel of Senhor das Barrocas and with less exuberance in the Misericordia Church, whose mannerist portal deserves mention. Those who appreciate contemporary Portuguese architecture should not miss the University buildings.

Emblematic of the city is the sweet made with eggs and sugar - the “ovos moles” (soft eggs) that are sold in wooden barrels or wrapped in a crusty wafer in different shapes. But before this treat, you can comfort your stomach with the delights that the sea offers, such as shellfish, fresh fish grilled or casseroled and eels, characteristic of this region, which is served casseroled or marinated. (In )

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