World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals: Stage Spain
by CIFFT on 06 April 2021
World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals: Stage Spain
by CIFFT on 06 April 2021

Terres de l’Ebre is considered a natural treasure of Catalonia, declared by Unesco as Biosphere Reserve. In the emblematic city of Tortosa, the natural riches of Terres de l’Ebre merge with a unique historical and cultural heritage, making it the ideal place to host, since 2016, the Terres Travel Festival - Films and Creativity.

The festival emerged from the perfect match between two relevant purposes: the need to create a tourism model focused on sustainability and respect for the environment, and on the other hand, the desire to give more visibility to Spanish tourism audiovisual productions.

This challenge prompted the event’s organization to build alliances with public and private institutions dedicated to promoting tourism and culture, thus creating a pioneering event in the country related to the segment of Travel Video Marketing.

Since its creation, the festival aims to present an extraordinary vitality of the tourism audiovisual genre and promote awareness about responsible visitation for all environments on the planet.

It does this innovatively through a program that includes, in addition to a charming Award Ceremony, film screenings in different parts of the city, workshops and forums for the reflection of issues related to Tourism, Marketing and Sustainability and cultural activities. A significant differential of the event is its ability to involve the local community, creating a unique atmosphere that the participants can experience.


In 2019 the Terres Travel Festival became an official member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT), which brings together the 14 World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals from four continents at the most prestigious awards and recognition initiative in the Travel Video Marketing Industry - the World’s Best Tourism Film Awards.

Organizing a festival that struggles to reinvent itself every year is an effort that involves many people and organizations. Terres Festival is a driving project, which brings other projects and initiatives like a magnet. Verifying the growing support of the region and the industry for a project that was born with humility and pragmatism but with great ambition motivates us to continue working to make Terres Festival a benchmark in the sector. I am especially proud to have consolidated our project within the framework of the CIFFT, a group from which dynamics and strategies are constantly learned.”, said Santi Valldepérez, director of Terres Travel Festival.

Currently, the event is a reference in Tourism Communication, attracting attendees worldwide. For Alexander V. Kammel, CIFFT Director, “Since its foundation, Terres Travel Festival stands out for leading the discussion on Innovation and Sustainability regarding Tourism Videos. It is an honour to have this relevant event as representative of CIFFT in Spain.”, conclude.


Founded in: 2016
Member since: 2019
City / Country: Tortosa, Spain
Festival dates: 08th - 11th September 2021
Deadline date: 06/06/2021

The emblematic Tortosa

Few cities without the status of provincial capital are as important as Tortosa, which boasts 2000 years of history. Every corner of the beautiful old town is steeped in history.

The Iberians chose to settle in what is now the capital of the Baix Ebre region. In fact, historians believe that it may have been the enigmatic and important city of Hibera. If that was indeed the case, the Ebro (Iber) river and the entire peninsula were named after the city. As proof of its splendid past, which saw Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians pass through, Tortosa boasts the impressive Suda Castle, Saint Mary’s Cathedral and some elegant Modernist buildings. It isn’t known as the city of three cultures (Jewish, Arab and Christian) for nothing. Tortosa experienced its golden age during the Renaissance (16th century).

Tortosa is straddled by two natural parks, the Ebro Delta and the Els Ports Natural Park, and is located in the heart of the Terres de l’Ebre, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Its proximity to such natural wealth, which is reflected in its beaches and mountain landscapes, makes Tortosa the ideal destination to explore the whole area. Tortosa is surrounded by nature and offers a whole range of outdoor options, such as going on a bike ride along the Green Route, hiking in the mountains and enjoying a boat trip along the river or the delta. (In:


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