How are Tourism Services using promotional videos?
by CIFFT on 20 April 2021
How are Tourism Services using promotional videos?
by CIFFT on 20 April 2021

Travel is a subjective experience, and for that reason, tourists look for different aspects while choosing their next destination: the destination itself, the variety of activities, the landscapes,  the atmosphere of the place, the local community's friendliness, access facilities, gastronomy and different accommodation options. Nevertheless, all the travelers are looking for something specific. So is there a better way to present tourism experiences than travel video marketing?

Most consumers confirmed that watching videos of a destination in advance gives them confidence before buying tickets or booking hotels. Reading a magazine or going to a travel agency is not enough anymore. They want to know firsthand what they are buying, what experiences they are going to withdraw from it, and whether it will match their expectations and personal tastes.

According to Think with Google, online videos are viewed throughout the travel journey, particularly before decisions are made.


Tourism Services as Accommodation, Transportation, Restaurants, Museums, Temples and Gardens, Theme Parks, Spas and Thermal Facilities, Recreational Services, among others, can harness the potential of video as a tool to spark interest, attract new customers and create a connection with the audience.

The VidaMar Resort Algarve is an excellent example of how Tourism Services are using video in a very innovative way to promote their facilities and much more.

"You Only Love Once", produced by Lobby Productions, is more than just a promotional video. It is a love story that unfolds naturally in the resort, offering the viewers a chance to be interested in this plot without ever imposing or forcing any attempt of direct sell. The film was awarded with the title of World's Best Tourism Film 2020 in the Tourism Services Category.

While all types of business can benefit from video marketing, it's especially effective for the hospitality industry. Recently, the challenge of the Flair Boutique Hotel by Corissia in Greece was to entice travelers to visit Chania, explore its real beauty, and finally showcase the stay experience, the services and the facilities that the hotel offers.

The result is the new video "The perfect proposal", with creative storytelling and a special touch of sense of humour. The video is competing on the CIFFT Circuit 2021 for the World's Best Tourism Film Awards.

The importance of video marketing strategy in the restaurant industry is also undeniable. Through video, the audience can immerse in the gastronomic experience, either by the food preparation or by the sensorial imagery of aromas and flavours. Video also helps to keep the restaurants top of mind.

The restaurant Fifty Seconds by Martín Berasategui, used video to present its exclusive menu. The promotional film showcase the fantastic restaurant's structure located at the top of the Myriad by Sama Hotel and what is behind a delicious Michelin-starred meal.

In the B2B market is no different. The Frankfurt Airport created a visual fairytale world in the promotional video "Goethes Airport", produced by Friends And Fellows Media Gmbh. The video presented the human side of one of the most important airports in Europe and competed in the Grand Prix CIFFT Circuit in 2019, being one of the nominees to the World's Best Tourism Film.

Finally, recreational services are also using videos to boost their visibility and capture travelers attention. With the perfect combination of an emotional message and beautiful images, the Portuguese Madeira Island bet on the video to promote its Tourism Pass Service.

In the video "Madeira Pass - Have you ever been in the island?", produced by New Light Pictures, the audience can have a stunning view of all the experiences they can have using the Madeira Pass.

It's not just about being trendy. The Tourism Services Industry has awareness of the consumers' decision-making processes and are increasingly betting on video as a strategy for creating an invisible bond with potential clients, telling a good story about what they offer, and delivering the magical tale that the audience can one day experience. Video Marketing is here to stay!

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