TOP 15: The 2021 World’s Best Tourism Videos
by CIFFT on 19 January 2022
TOP 15: The 2021 World’s Best Tourism Videos
by CIFFT on 19 January 2022

Videos are more reliable and trustworthy than any other media, keeping viewers' attention longer and being more enjoyable to watch. As a result, video is already one of the most adopted strategies by marketers to reach new audiences, and the Tourism Industry is not behind.

According to Think with Google, online videos are viewed throughout the travel journey, mainly before decisions are made: 66% of people watch Travel Videos when thinking about taking a trip, while 65% of people watch Travel Videos when choosing a destination.

Aware of the new habits of visitors and the decision-making process, tourism destinations are increasingly relying on videos to create a genuine connection with the audience and being at the top of mind. Video is the most powerful tool for building and reinforcing tourism brands, to promote tourism experiences and is also used as differentiating factor in a highly competitive market such as Tourism.

The CIFFT Ranking of "2021 World's Best Tourism Films" celebrates the best on tourism communication. Its results come from the CIFFT Circuit, a year-long competition between video ads and campaigns from notable tourism brands, creative agencies and production companies.

Find out the 2021 World's Best Tourism Films according to the leading global resource for benchmarking creativity and effectiveness in Tourism Communication, the CIFFT Ranking List:

World's Best Tourism Films promoting a Country

1st Place - Lithuania. Discover Colours You Never Knew Existed (Lithuania)

"Lithuania. Discover Colours You Never Knew Existed" presents Lithuania through a colorful connection with experiences and places that are distinctly Lithuanian. No two colours are the same, and Lithuanian colours (and places where they can be discovered) are unique in their own way.

2nd Place - Time to #stayhome. Turn to nature and dream. (Slovenia)

"Time to #stayhome. Turn to nature and dream" is a special hello from Slovenia, a call from the lands of ancient forests, bears, and rushing waters, a country that is living hand-in-hand with nature.

3rd Place - Much more than "just" Denmark (Denmark)

When asking Danes where they would go on vacation this year, the most answer was: "We are just staying in Denmark." But the famous comedian, Martin Brygmann, explains in the new Danish promotional video why it would be "Much more than "just" Denmark".

World's Best Tourism Films promoting a Region

1st Place - Seek Different" (Australia)

"Seek Different" is a celebration of difference. It highlights how we all seek to be different because our differences make us unique and make our lives more interesting. The film leaves the viewer with the clear message that the Northern Territory is the holiday destination for those who want to see, do and feel something totally different.

2nd Place - South Australia: hear it, touch it, see it to believe it (Australia)

After months of lockdowns and border closures in Australia, the people's senses have been deprived, and it was time to wake them up. "South Australia: hear it, touch it, see it to believe it" is driven by a soundscape of experiences in South Australia to showcase what you can hear, touch, see and taste in this tourism region.

3rd Place - Chasing Lines (South Africa)

"Chasing Lines" explores the Western Cape, its places, and its people. It positions adventure not simply as a journey of extremes, but as an immersion of one's self in the cultures of others, of uncovering the stories of a place and the people that live there.

World's Best Tourism Films promoting a City

1st Place - Vilnius: amazing wherever you think it is (Lithuania)

Statistically, less than 5% of Western Europeans know where Vilnius is, which is somewhat of a nightmare for a city that wants to increase its appeal as a touristic destination. But what if this fact were turned into a marketing campaign?

2nd Place - Kitzbühel 365 - NEW Worlds, NEW Cosms, NEW Wonders (Austria)

The video invites the audience to connect with their true essence, with nature and the "here and now", on an alternating journey through Kitzbühel's seasons.

3rd Place - Klagenfurt: Everything possible, but nothing necessary (Austria)

A young business traveller spends a few days in Klagenfurt. In the style of "Hangover", he rushes from one event to the next, and gets to know the city in the south of Austria in a way he would never have expected.

World's Best Tourism Films promoting a Tourism Service

1st Place - The Perfect Proposal (Greece)

The perfect proposal" showcases the services and the facilities that the Flair Boutique Hotel offers. The protagonist is meticulous, and the challenge that the hotel has to overcome is to please all his needs. A checklist is very important to him because he has something in his mind that will reveal when the job is done.

2nd Place - Prayer (Japan)

In the midst of an uncertain future, in which people are unable to move and anxious about dealing with the unknown, the nature of the Kohama island, Japan, stands unchanged. "Prayer" is more than a tourism video. It is a poem, a prayer to people a chance to stop and take a look at themselves and nature once again.

3rd Place - Inspiration and Comfort | TIMELESS YUKIGUNI (Japan)

"Inspiration and Comfort | TIMELESS YUKIGUNI" presents the luxury accommodations located in the mountainous YUKIGUNI region, which provide experiences that expand the cultural awareness of travellers while giving them a deeper knowledge of the place.

World's Best Tourism Films promoting a Tourism Product

1st Place - Follow your instinct (Spain)

The story in "Follow your instinct" is based on the life of the Spanish actress Celia Freijeiro and her journey back home, to Rías Baixas. The video aims to connect with nature as a necessary pause in everyday hyperconnected life, while discovering the endless landscapes and biodiversity of the Rías Baixas destination.

2nd Place - Wine Tales (Italy)

Alto Adige, the heart of the Dolomites, is the land with the most extreme vineyards in the world. A land where only the most courageous winegrowers manage to grow wine grapes. That is what the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner will prove in "Wine Tales".

3rd Place - Jane meets Madrid (Spain)

Jane is in charge of choosing the ideal place to organise a congress for the company where she works, a place with enough leisure, security and guaranteed success. "Jane Meets Madrid" shows that Madrid is the ideal place.

World's Best Independent Travel Video

Two Deaf Travellers (UK)

Two Deaf travellers discover three different countries, exploring their cultures and national identities. Their task is to face the challenges of independent travel without any BSL interpretation.

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