Skål Madrid and CIFFT into a collaboration agreement to foment tourism promotion
by Hugo Marcos on 25 January 2022

The Skål Madrid and the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) came together to foment tourism promotion. The collaboration agreement was signed on January 20th, at the stand of Skål International at FITUR, in Madrid.

Skål Madrid and CIFFT have common objectives, such as encouraging the economic and social development of the Tourism Industry, whether related to a multidisciplinary interaction with the sector or through the audiovisual promotion of destinations and experiences.

With this new collaboration agreement, both organizations will support the promotion of their respective brands and activities and also create new projects.

Alongside the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the European Travel Commission (ETC), the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), and the Centro America Tourism Association (CATA), Skål Madrid will work with CIFFT to encourage tourism destinations to achieve excellence in promoting their products, services, and locations using video.


Francisco Rivero (President Skål Madrid) and Hugo Marcos (CIFFT General Secretary)

Based in Vienna (Austria), CIFFT brings together tourism film festivals on four continents to recognize, award and celebrate the best in audiovisual tourism communication.

Annually, tourism boards, tourism organizations, production companies and creative agencies worldwide compete in the CIFFT Circuit for the title of World’s Best Tourism Films. Traditionally, Spain has a strong presence in the competition, with promotional videos that have been awarded internationally, generating greater visibility and recognition for the country.

Driven by the common intention of fostering innovation and creativity in tourism promotion, we believe that the agreement with Skål Madrid is an important step towards a greater synergy between the tourism, marketing and audiovisual professionals in Spain.”, said Alexander V. Kammel, CIFFT Director.

About Skål Madrid

Skål Madrid is the Madrid branch of Skål International of Spain. Skål International is the world’s largest global network of Tourism Professionals promoting Tourism, Business and Friendship worldwide since 1934. Its members are Directors and Executives of the Tourism sector who relate to each other to address issues of common interest, improving a business network and promoting destinations.

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About CIFT

Created in 1989, the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) brings together the World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals from four continents at the most prestigious awards and recognition initiative in Travel Video Marketing Industry - the CIFFT Circuit.

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