The Influence of Travel Video Marketing: Case studies, interviews, and insights
by Hugo Marcos on 27 September 2022

As part of the celebrations of World Tourism Day 2022, the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) and the Tourism and Society Think Tank (TSTT) came together to present the new edition of "The Influence of Travel Video Marketing", an eBook that aims to increase the conversation about the importance of video in tourism promotion and become a benchmarking platform that highlights the latest trends in tourism communication.

As the theme of World Tourism Day 2022 suggests, it is time to “Rethink Tourism”, and therefore, focusing on the future, it is also necessary to reflect on the role of the audiovisual sector in developing valuable tourism brands and attracting visitors.

From awareness to purchase, video is part of customers' daily lives and has a significant impact on travel decisions. It gives a fuller view of the tourism experience with its ability to portray images, details, and sensations in a slip of a second.

This eBook brings together 24 case studies of successful tourism campaigns from across the globe, which are exclusive inputs from the CIFFT Circuit 2021 participants. From idea to reality, each one presents the video's creative process, strategies, challenges, and results.

This indispensable read also presents interviews with renowned experts such as Amora Carbajal (Executive President of Promperú), Anna Roca (General Director of Proximity España), Constanza Cea (Executive Director of Imagen de Chile), Juan Maqueda (CEO of Latam One), Matteo Prato (CEO of Tourism Hub), Miguel Pérez (Brand & Markets Director of Visit Valencia), and Terry Savage (Chairperson of the London International Awards and the Marketing Academy).

These interviews demonstrate the point of view of professionals who play a vital role in developing the Tourism Industry through creativity, innovation, and of course, video usage.

Further, the eBook features two cases by Media Partners: “Loyalty, good customer service and all-inclusive lead Riu hotels in Cape Verde to success” by Marketing Directo (Spain) and “Despegar: a case of excellent metrics” by Dossier (Argentina).

Among the eBook key learnings are the power of storytelling, the emergence of a human-centered approach, especially in a post-pandemic world, and the appeal to humor to develop a positive feeling associated with the brand. These insights may inspire you to push for even greater creative excellence in the projects you work on.

The eBook “The Influence of Travel Video Marketing” is developed by the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) in partnership with the Tourism and Society Think Tank (TSST). Endorsed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), European Travel Commission (ETC), Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), Centro America Tourism Association (CATA), and Skal International, CIFFT promotes the creativity and economic development of the Travel Video Marketing Industry.

Download the free eBook and enjoy learning from some of the best in Travel Video Marketing.

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