Bosnia & Herzegovina elected the World’s Best Tourism Film by people’s vote
by CIFFT on 21 October 2022

From 1st to 20th October, the worldwide audience was invited to vote for their favorite tourism film in the CIFFT “People’s Choice” Award 2022. After reaching the highest number of votes in the competition's history, 56.914 votes from 74 countries, the production “Why Bosnia and Herzegovina can be number 1 travel destination in the world” was elected the World’s Best Tourism Film by people’s vote.

With impactful narrative and images, the film shows how unique Bosnia and Herzegovina is and the many hidden gems the country has to offer visitors. It was produced by Robert Dacešin, a passionate traveler, travel blogger, and filmmaker who also hosts a show on the national ATV television called “Around the World with Robert Dacešin”. Its active community on social networks, which already exceeds 200.000 followers, helped him to show the world the strength of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Watch now "Why Bosnia and Herzegovina can be number 1 travel destination in the world":

Film produced by Robert Dacešin, a passionate traveler,  travel blogger, and filmmaker 

Winning the CIFFT “People’s Choice” Award, a competition with so many amazing videos from around the world, is definitely something I will tell my kids one day. I dedicate this award to people in my country who voted daily for it and shared it on their social media. Even though many people associate our country with the war we had in the past, we are a country that offers so much, and I hope this video will be one step forward in Bosnia and Herzegovina really becoming the number 1 travel destination in the world. I also want to thank CIFFT for giving me the opportunity to be part of this, to promote my work and my country, and for uniting travel content creators around the world.”, said Robert Dacešin.

To win this prestigious award, the film competed with 48 other videos from 21 countries, including Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Fiji, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, and Uganda. In its 5th consecutive edition, the CIFFT “People’s Choice” Award counted 109.964 votes from 171 countries.

The initiative of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) aims to encourage the audience to discover new tourism experiences through video, bringing attention to the power of this format to promote tourism destinations, products, and services worldwide.

One of the features of the CIFFT “People’s Choice” Award competition is that all destinations have equal chances to win. The production's quality and the audience's passion will determine the winner. This year's edition broke records. The Bosnia and Herzegovina film is very well conceived, and we are happy to be able to award it as the World’s Best Tourism Film by people’s vote.”, said Alexander V. Kammel, CIFFT Director.

The 49 videos that participated in the CIFFT “People’s Choice” Award 2022 are also competing in the CIFFT Circuit, the world’s largest competition for tourism films, which brings together festivals on four continents. The winner of the CIFFT “People's Choice” Award and the other films in the run for the title of World’s Best Tourism Films based on the CIFFT Ranking List will be awarded at the 34th World Tourism Film Awards gala, in Valencia (Spain), on the 24th November.


Created in 1989, the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) brings together the World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals from four continents at the most prestigious award and recognition initiative in Travel Video Marketing Industry - the CIFFT Circuit.

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