Tourism Video Awards: More Than a Trophy, The Impact on your Business
by CIFFT on 07 February 2023

Videos are more reliable and trustworthy than any other media, keeping viewers' attention longer and being more enjoyable to watch. With the rise of mobile usage, videos are easily accessible to a wide audience, making them a popular choice for marketers.

Video has also become an important tool in the Tourism Industry, allowing businesses to showcase destinations, products, and services to a wider audience and engage potential visitors in a more immersive way.

Over the years, tourism brands not only increased the quality of their audiovisual productions but also began to participate in creative and tourism film festivals, receiving relevant awards for their work. As a result, tourism videos have achieved the same level of recognition as major advertising productions globally.

In this context, Tourism Video Awards are an excellent opportunity for tourism businesses to gain extra recognition and demonstrate worldwide the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Find out some reasons below.


"Introducing the Icelandverse" from Business Iceland was one of the most awarded tourism videos in 2022 in creative and tourism film festivals worldwide.

There are several reasons why tourism businesses participate in Tourism Video Awards. Believe, they go beyond receiving a trophy:

Recognizing the best work:  Winning a tourism video award can provide recognition and validation for an organization or brand's efforts. It can be a way to showcase its expertise to a wider audience and build credibility.

Promoting innovation: Awards can also help to encourage innovation by recognizing and rewarding companies or individuals who are pushing innovation boundaries. This can help to inspire others to think outside the box and come up with new and creative ideas.

Providing benchmark: Tourism Film Festivals provide an opportunity to benchmark the organization’s creative outputs against competitors. This comparison allows organizations to identify strengths and weaknesses, to better understand their place in the market, and to adjust their strategy accordingly. It also gives the organization valuable insights to create future projects.

Facilitating networking: The festivals can also provide networking opportunities by bringing together the film, tourism, and marketing communities to foster collaboration, exchange of ideas, and growth.

Measuring performance and guiding future ambitions: Tourism Video Awards can be a great source of feedback that organizations can use to identify improvement needs, measure their progress over time and track their growth.

Boosting morale: Moreover, participating in Tourism Film Awards can have a major impact on the organization’s culture and team dynamics. Awards can motivate and energize the team and create a sense of pride and belonging. It can also act as a benchmark for performance and inspire team members to strive for excellence in their work. Furthermore, awards allow the team to stay updated with industry trends and practices.

Providing Marketing Opportunities: Participating in awards can also provide marketing opportunities, as winners and finalists are often promoted through press releases, social media, and other channels. This can help to increase brand awareness and reach a larger audience.

Attracting talents: Participating in Tourism Film Awards can also help to attract top talent to a company or organization. It can demonstrate that the company is committed to producing high-quality work and can be an attractive feature for potential employees.

Inspiring excellence: Finally, the Tourism Film Festivals can be a source of inspiration for companies and organizations. It can provide an opportunity to see what other companies are doing and think about new and innovative ways to approach their work. Awards motivate the industry to continue striving for excellence.

By participating in Tourism Video Awards, tourism organizations can make their mark on the industry and show that their brand is one that customers can trust and admire. Awards also provide a platform for organizations to showcase what makes them unique and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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