Tourism Campaigns Impress at NYF Storytellers Gala 2023
by CIFFT on 19 April 2023

The New York Festivals TV & Film Awards announced the winners of this year's competition during the Storytellers Gala broadcasted online on April 18th. This year’s competition counted with several awards, across 14 category groups. Among the highlights were the exceptional tourism videos, which captivated audiences with their compelling storytelling and stunning visuals.

The tourism film category celebrated the most effective campaigns promoting tourism destinations, products, and services. Fifty videos entered through the CIFFT Circuit were featured among this year’s winners, receiving either Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies or Finalist certificates.

Winners TVF 2023 PR

“Bielsko-Biała – a city always for people” (Poland), “Restart feeling. Catalunya Premium” (Spain), “No one upstages the Grand Tour of Switzerland” (Switzerland) and “Rwenzori - The Source of Life” (Uganda) were recognized with Gold Trophy.

Silver Trophies went to “Planet Linz” (Austria), “The Neverending Tourists” (South Africa), “No Football, No Worries” (Qatar) and “NewHandLab, a soul made of wool” (Portugal). While “An inch from the sky” (Portugal) and “Delicious València. Eternal and seasonal” (Spain) received a Bronze Trophy.

Additionally, Finalist Certificates were assigned to “Casares – Land, Air & Sea” (Spain), “Monção Deixa Marca” (Portugal), “The Art of Jimena de la Frontera” (Spain), “Grand Tour of Catalonia” (Spain), “The islands that extend life” (Spain), “Bosnia & Herzegovina - The country of but(t)s” (Bosnia & Herzegovina), “Holidays the Austrian way” (Austria), “No Drama” (Switzerland), “Lower Silesia – Find Your Way” (Poland), “Tadej Pogačar training for TDF in Slovenia. This is my way of freedom. My way of enjoying life.” (Slovenia) and “Our story in every bottle” (Portugal).

The emphasis on innovation, creativity, and originality has generated positive results for the tourism sector, with tourism campaigns garnering prestigious awards alongside global advertising productions.

Engaging film and television entries from 42 countries participated in this year’s competition. The works were judged online by NYF’s TV & Film Awards Grand Jury panel of 200+ international producers, directors, writers, and other creative media professionals. The winners showcased the best of the industry's creativity and innovation, providing an inspiring glimpse into the future of audiovisual production.

Since 1990, the New York Festivals has been a member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals and part of the CIFFT Circuit, the biggest competition for tourism videos alongside other festivals around the globe. The winners of the NYF TV & Film Awards also got a position on the CIFFT Rankings for the title of World’s Best Tourism Film of the year.

See the winners at the CIFFT Rankings.


The International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) brings together international corporate and tourism film festivals at an exclusive competition for tourism ads, promotional, and social media videos - the CIFFT Circuit.

The competition will define the World's Best Tourism Films of the year, based on the number of awards won in the festivals and the position on the CIFFT Rankings. At the end of the CIFFT Circuit, the most effective tourism videos and the creative talents behind them are celebrated at the World Tourism Film Awards, held in València.

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