World’s Best Tourism Videos on Display at the Österreichischer Tourismus Tag and ATB 2023
by CIFFT on 03 May 2023

In a collaborative effort, ÖTT, ATB, and CIFFT are drawing attention to the impact of compelling audiovisual content on the tourism industry.

The World’s Best Tourism Videos of 2022, awarded by the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT), will be showcased in the displays of the Österreichischer Tourismus Tag 2023 and the Austrian Travel Business tourism trade fair, between May 2nd to 4th, in Vienna.

The ÖTT and ATB events are held annually and provide a special opportunity for the Austrian tourism industry to present their products and services to both national and international decision-makers, tourism business partners, and media representatives. Attendees can benefit from networking opportunities, exposure to new technologies and trends, and inspiration for future marketing efforts.

A total of 25 videos from 13 countries will be displayed during the events, representing the best of audiovisual production worldwide in different categories such as promotion of cities, regions and countries, tourism services, and products. The objective is to showcase the latest trends in audiovisual tourism promotion and encourage the industry to invest in this effective tool with a focus on excellence, creativity, and originality.

"Together with ÖTT and ATB, we are thrilled to showcase these 25 exceptional tourism videos at this year's events. It promises to be an extraordinary occasion to highlight the transformative impact of innovative and engaging audiovisual content on the tourism industry." said Alexander V. Kammel, Director of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT).

To achieve the title of best in the world, these audiovisual productions went to international festivals around the world in the CIFFT Circuit 2022, winning awards and achieving the top of the CIFFT Rankings, which is a benchmarking platform with the most creative and effective tourism videos.

The videos were awarded at the World Tourism Film Awards, the most prestigious awards in the tourism film industry, which took place in Valencia, (Spain) last autumn. Although the 2023 competition is underway, tourism brands can still enter six festivals on the CIFFT Circuit, giving their promotional video an international spotlight.

Explore the top tourism ads of 2022 and the audiovisual productions running for the coveted title of "World's Best Tourism Videos".

World's Best Tourism Films 2022 on Display at the OTT and ATB 2023

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