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International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals.
Top-notch Benchmarking Platform.

Created in 1989, the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals - CIFFT, brings together the World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals from four continents at the most prestigious award and recognition initiative in Travel Video Marketing Industry - the CIFFT Circuit.

The exclusive World’s Best Tourism Film Awards honours the most creative and innovative Travel Videos of the year at a memorable award ceremony in Vienna, Austria. Receiving the most important award in the Travel Video Marketing Industry is synonymous with prestige, recognition and visibility.

In partnership with the endorsers UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), ETC (European Travel Commission), CTO (Caribbean Tourism Organization), and CATA (Centro America Tourism Association), CIFFT works to encourage tourism destinations to achieve excellence in promoting their products, services, and locations using video


Our Vision

The most prestigious awards initiative for the Travel Video Marketing Industry.

CIFFT expects to become one of the most important contributors in driving innovation and creativity in tourism communication, helping tourism brands, destinations, products and services to achieve a high-quality and award-winning travel video marketing strategy. Along with the World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals, CIFFT intends to be increasingly influential and recognized by the Tourism Industry and Media as a reference in tourism promotion through video.


Our Mission

CIFFT promotes the creativity and economic development of the Travel Video Marketing Industry, by:

  • Putting together in an exclusive circuit competition the World’s Best Tourism Film Festivals;
  • Recognizing and rewarding excellence in the Travel Video Marketing Industry;
  • Supporting its members to adopt the same recognition standards in their competitions;
  • Encouraging Tourism Industry to achieve excellence in promoting their attractions using video;
  • Drawing the attention of the media, tour operators, producers, Tourism Boards, and the general public to the importance of Travel Video Marketing, whether in promoting a destination or a tourist product or service;

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Our Projects



Alexander V. Kammel

CIFFT Director

Hugo Marcos

CIFFT General Secretary

Carolina Fontana

Marketing Coordinator

Fax: +43 (1) 505 53 7
Mob: +43 (1) 505 53 3719
Email: [email protected]

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