Tourism Manifesto
#Tourism4Recovery: Travel & Tourism stakeholders urge investment in Sustainable Tourism as part of EU recovery
Over 60 European organisations call for tourism to be firmly anchored in EU national Recovery and Resilience plans. European Tourism Manifesto alliance presents list of reforms and investment ideas to...
Staycation - Blog
Do you have ever heard about Staycation? Do you know what it means? Staycation is a form of domestic tourism that essentially involves exploring tourism activities located near home. The...
Seek less, find more - Blog
Seek less, find more
What does the traveler look for when visiting a tourist destination? Go to the main tourist attractions or just walk around the place and discover what it has to offer?...
Nothing much, but much more - Blog
Republic of Srpska – Nothing much, but much more
Although it is not popular, Republic of Srpska, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a destination with an immense variety of natural resources and a rich cultural heritage, which has a...
Magic Cordoba - Blog
The Magic Cordoba
Córdoba, one of the most enchanting and important cities of Spain. Is a destination with a glorious past, that perfectly brings together the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish heritage. This mix...
The Seven Reasons to Visit Kastela - Blog
The Seven Reasons to Visit Kastela
As part of Cultural Tourism, the myths and legends increase the attractiveness of destinations, and are commonly used in the marketing and promotion strategies, as made the city of Kastela...
Hunger for experiences - Blog
Hunger for experiences
Tourism and gastronomy are inseparable. This union results in the offer of unique experiences that transmits the essence of the tourism destination. Gastronomic Tourism also contributes to the promotion of...
Golubac Fortress - Ancient Guardian of Iron Gate - Blog
Golubac Fortress – Ancient Guardian of Iron Gate
During its long journey to the Black Sea, the Danube River passes through several capitals in Europe and forms the natural border of ten nations. In Serbia, the Danube leaves...
Discover Parque Futangue - Blog
Discover Parque Futangue
Hidden in Chile's North Patagonia, the Futangue Park is a destination of wild and untouched nature. This nature reserve, situated at the foot of the Andes and near the most...
The International Club of Cool Cities - Blog
The International Club of Cool Cities
Do you know that there is an International Club of Cool Cities, which brings together tourism destinations such as New York, London, Paris, Venice, Shanghai, Munich, and others? What attributes...


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