The recovery of tourism – Interview with Marcelo Risi, Director of Communications of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourism is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world, being a fundamental element for economic progress, since it is configured...
Celebrating the World Tourism Day 2020.
What is a tourism promotional video made of?
Since 1980, the World Tourism Day has been celebrated on 27 September. Today it makes even more sense to evoke the reasons that led to the creation of this day:...
How to produce “Extraordinary Stories” using video.
Who is Rory McLoughlin? One thing Rory McLoughlin likes more than telling stories is hearing stories from others. He loves to learn about people. How they came through hardships, what...
How to create “Extraordinary Stories” for video campaigns.
Who is Ryan Reed? Avid traveler, amateur adventurer and full-time storyteller at M&C Saatchi UAE.Ryan Reed joined Ogilvy South Africa as an Art Director and a few short years later,...
How to reveal “Extraordinary Stories” using video
Who is Ali Al Shaiba? Executive Director of Tourism and Marketing at the Department of Culture and Tourism. I have been with DCT Abu Dhabi for about two years now,...
2 - The festivals of tourist communication. From meeting points to lighthouses
The festivals of tourist communication. From meeting points to lighthouses
Due to being in the intersection of two industries - tourism and communication - concomitant in some places but independent after all, the tourist communication festivals must constantly track the...
What is the best way to produce a video about Riga? … From the Production Company point of view.
One of the best ways to promote and discover a city is through a guide. "Insider's Guide to Riga", is a series of short videos that aims to promote the...
What is the best way to advertise Riga? … from the Advertising Agency point of view!
Who is Vairis Strazds? I’m the creative director of NORD DDB Riga (that’s our new name after joining the NORD advertising agencies network). Our common goal is breaking brands into...
What’s the best way to promote Riga? … from the City’s point of view!
Who is Ieva Lasmane? I am the board member in Riga Tourism Development Bureau responsible for marketing and promotion activities for Riga city. I am a part of a wonderful...
How important is Travel Video Marketing for tourism destinations.
Who is Cat Leaver? A sister, daughter, wife and friend. A Scot with a love of home and the wider world. A strategist and marketer. An advocate for greater inclusivity...

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