Silafest 2022 winners-2
Silver Lake Tourfilm Festival reveals its 2022 winners
Between August 28th and September 3rd, the picturesque municipality of Veliko Gradište (Serbia) hosted the 14thSilver Lake Tourfilm Festival - Silafest.  A vibrant awards ceremony closed the event by revealing...
ART&TUR winning films shown on TAP Air Portugal’s flights
TAP Air Portugal's passengers, traveling to Portugal on any long-haul route (such as Brazil, USA, or Canada), can anticipate memorable travel experiences in Braga, Cascais, Alentejo and Ribatejo, watching promotional...
Video Marketing Tourism Industry Article Featured Image
Video Marketing in Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities
Tourism is one of the main engines of growth in the world economy. According to the World Tourism Organization, tourism represents an essential source of income for many countries and...
Tourism Films-2
Meet the biggest competition for tourism videos
Currently, planning a trip doesn't start directly going to a travel agency or a tour operator's website. Whether for a weekend getaway or vacation, travelers have access to endless resources...
Zagreb Festival-2
CIFFT Circuit 2022 – A look inside the Zagreb Tourfilm Festival
Video is one of the most powerful and popular marketing tools nowadays. Through the effective use of audiovisual content, brands can reach, engage and captivate the audience. Video can directly...
Amorgos Festival-2
CIFFT Circuit 2022 – A look inside the Amorgos Tourism Film Festival
When we think of Greece, we are immediately taken to its unique landscapes full of blue and white, the ocean, the pleasant climate, the history, the cultural richness, the traditions,...
ITFFA 2022
International Tourism Film Festival Africa announces the 2022 winners
Between 4th and 7th May, Cape Town hosted the International Tourism Film Festival Africa - ITFFA. The event merged a competition between tourism films and documentaries from all over the...
New York Festivals 2022
New York Festivals® TV & Film Awards 2022: Winners announced
On April 26th, the 2022 New York Festivals® TV & Film Awards announced its winners. At the Storytellers Gala virtual event, 17 tourism videos entered through the CIFFT Circuit were...
Video Marketing Image
5 advantages of video for the Tourism Industry
Video is present in our daily life from the big screens to the smallest. According to YouTube, the pioneer video platform and the world's second-largest search engine, every day, people...
Terres Travel Festival 2
CIFFT Circuit 2022 – A look inside the Terres Travel Festival
Video is already part of the promotion strategy of most tourism destinations, products, and services worldwide. This powerful tool is capable of conveying to the audience in a simple, captivating,...

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