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    Veliko Gradiste, Serbia

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    August/September 2024

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The International Festival of Tourist and Ecology Film, Silver Lake Tourfilm Festival, was founded by the decision of The Municipality of Veliko Gradište, early in November 2008, and was entrusted to the Tourist Organization of the Municipality to manage it.

SILAFEST has Ecology and Tourist film as its basic guideline, and according to the modern approach, the Festival Council interprets Tourism in the widest possible sense of the word, the Festival is open for Cultural Tourism films, films on wine, on big and famous holy places, Sports films, etc. Renowned museums, wine cellars, monasteries and holy places, spots events… nowadays attract as many tourists as spas, ski centres, the Mediterranean islands, and exotic destinations do.

The development of tourism is nowadays related to ecologically clean areas, so a question is inevitably raised about the ecologically sustainable development of tourism worldwide. Therefore, there is a relation between these two important categories at the Festival.

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