A Tramuntane True and Fair. The hearthbeat of the Costa Brava.



The documentary aims to analyze the future of Costa Brava as one of the most important tourist destinations in Catalonia and Spain. The tourism sector has been one of the most affected by the global pandemic of Covid-19 and the documentary contributes to drawing this future from the perspective of innovation and sustainability.
In addition, the axis on which the documentary is based in the figure of the late hotel businessman Jordi Comas Matamala, who was a pioneer of tourism in Playa de Aro, the Costa Brava and Catalonia, as well as a very involved person in Catalan business and social life.

Country Spain
Fundación Privada Jordi Comas Matamala
Undatia Comunicación
Agency N/A
Goals of the film

1.- Analyze the future of tourism on the Costa Brava, from various fields, which serve as a guideline for global action, once overcome the global pandemic of Covid-19.
2.- To honour the figure and preserve the legacy of the late tourist businessman Jordi Comas Matamala, pioneer of the tourism on the Costa Brava and in Playa de Aro in particular.

Target Group

Aimed, especially, at the tourism sector, businessmen, professionals and tourists. Also to the general public.

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