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“One of the most fascinating places in Portugal is without a doubt the Alentejo region. A land with fabulous contrasts, from the interior to the shoreline, a land of colour and richness with postal card sceneries, delicious food, welcoming people, historic cities and villages, and castles that trigger the imagination of times long ago … The Alentejo region still follows the seasons, where the pace is set with the nature´s balance. Here you find the right time to sow and the right time to crop, to rest, to enjoy and to find what life is really about.
In this film, our main character, António, returns to the land of his forefathers for the grape harvest season. But in the reunion with his family and friends he encounters someone that will help him rediscover this land. After the season is over, saying goodbye becomes really difficult, but who knows just what might happen?
A throwback to our roots, a physical and emotional journey across the Alentejo, where all our senses are overwhelmed. Reunions, bonds that are never lost, in this unique place that comes alive at every dawn. Alentejo – a region one never forgets and always ends up returning to.”

Country Portugal
Turismo do Alentejo, ERT
New Light Pictures
Agency N/A
Goals of the film

“This video is part of a strategic marketing program for the destination “Alentejo”, Portugal, and aims to be the main reference for promoting the Alentejo over the next 5 years. The video reveals an Alentejo that combines authenticity, culture and tradition with innovation, modernity and freshness.
A region that renews itself without ever losing its cultural identity.”

Target Group

All potential tourists, national and international.

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