Attica. Greece in a Snapshot

The new campaign for 2020, includes 3 main videos – titled: “Intergenerational”, “Kukuvagia (The Owl)” and “Glaros (The Seagull)” focus on promoting Attica’s culture, gastronomy, beaches, museums, monuments and Argosaronic islands, including Kythera and Antikythera and 8 thematic videos that each focus on Attica’s offered tourism forms, including “Religious tourism”, “Family tourism”, “MICE tourism”, “Luxury and Shopping”, “Arts and Culture”, “Outdoor Activities” and “Yachting and Cruising”.

Goals of the film Target Group

“The Region of Attica is aiming to redesign the ideal ‘Attica experience’ it offers to foreign visitors by promoting its multi-dimensional tourism profile and following an ambitious strategy to further attract more and improve their stay.
The aim is to strengthen the Attica’s tourism identity and highlight its comparative advantages and turn it into a modern and cosmopolitan 12-month tourism destination.”

“The film target group is high-income tourists who travel throughout the year.
Attica’s target markets include its “traditional markets” such as the United States, the United
Kingdom and Russia; its “upcoming markets” such as Australia, Turkey, Israel, China and the United Aran Emirates; and Greece (domestic tourism).”

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    Region of Attica

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    Indigo View Productions - Steficon

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