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Back to the forest



An emotional story about a grandson who does everything possible to fulfil his grandmother’s dream of the forest. While looking through an old photo-album of his grand parents’ childhood memories, he secretly decides to help get his grand-mother out of the desolation of her daily routine. He sacrifices himself by taking on all the work and even giving up beloved toys. The trip into the forest leads to a wonderful transformation as step by step she becomes ever more familiar with it. The fresh forest air, the smell of tree resin, the splashing of the stream and the birdsong all bring back memories of her youth and the spirit of life. And finally, she once again finds her place and is centred.

Country Austria
Salzburgerland Tourismus Gmbh
2010 Entertainment Og
Agency N.A.
Goals of the film

More than half of the state of SalzburgerLand is covered with forest. As part of our existing “Inhale – Exhale” forest campaign, this video fits seamlessly into our communication and promotes in an empathetic way the landscape and natural space of the forest, which is developed gently for tourism in SalzburgerLand. In times of great climate and environmental changes as well as urban exodus, the video creates an awareness of this unique natural space, which surrounds us in SalzburgerLand and noticeably revitalises us.

Target Group

Potential holidaymakers (Germany, Austria, CEE, Benelux, etc.), SINUS milieus traditional, the middle class, established conservative, social-ecological, liberal intellectual,

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