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Memories shape our experiences as tourists: How and what we choose to remember of places we visit. To acquire valuable memories, it’s essential to seize the moment in the right place and the right state of mind. Our film aims to create a poetic, dreamlike discovery of the Barut Collection Hotels. Where travelers don’t think as it just as a vacation in a luxury hotel, but also as a place that provides an odyssey within itself, where you realize what’s in you, to appreciate what really matters, to seize that moment.

Goals of the film Target Group

A+ families visiting the South Coast of Turkey and who want to get the most from their holidays by staying in a Premium Luxury Hotel i.e. THE BARUT COLLECTION HOTELS, thus “Collecting” unforgettable memories

Our goal is to create the feeling of luxury of the new Barut “Collection” Hotels, which are contributing to their visitors’ unforgettable moments in their vacations… With stunning, and unforgettable visuals we aim to make people want to come and experience those moments with the ability to be fully present, which will likely create a strong individual and organic tie between the Barut “Collection” Hotels and the visitors who experience it. Most importantly, set on the visually spectacular Barut “Collection” Hotels’ views and mesmerizing landscape sceneries of surrounding locations, we will witness how our characters will take those experiences into their soul to create undeniable and unforgettable moments.

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  • Production type

    Promotional Film

  • Client

    Barut Hotels

  • Production company

    Fps Productions Istanbul

  • Agency

    Graphx Agency

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