8_Because you never came back the same

Because you never came back the same



From the very beginning, Only YOU Hotels have had a proposal, to offer a way of traveling based on connection, a local and human connection that makes you live every moment to the fullest and that makes each trip unique and unrepeatable.

Therefore, this video is conceived under the campaign claim “Because you never come back the same”, since travelers who connect are those who return to their place of origin being different, carrying a suitcase full of experiences and authentic relationships, because they look up and connect with the world around them

In a world where the frenetic pace of our daily lives prevents us from disconnecting from our phones and screens, we need to connect again, for this reason, we wanted to focus in this brand campaign on the concept of “Reconnecting”.

To connect with the people you meet on the trip, to connect with the destination and all it has to offer, but above all, to reconnect with yourself.

Country Spain
Only YOU Hotels
Pablo Vega
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Goals of the film

The main goal with this brand campaign video is to approach the Only YOU experiece to our target group, as an opportunity to live trully connections throuht our three pillars (to connect with the city, to connect with the people and to connect with yourself), thanks to the different services that each hotel have.

Target Group

We targeting people with a fresh look and an open mind who want to live each trip as an opportunity to evolve, discover and connect.
Our target audience can be classified into two groups. On the one hand, we find national or international globetrotters, who squeeze every trip as if it were the first time they undertake it, paying attention to every detail or every person who crosses their path.
And, on the other hand, we find the locals and those who, while not staying in our hotels,feel the hotel as a place of leisure, experience and exchange.

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