Bosnia and Herzegovina – The country of but(t)s


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You probably read the title of the video and you are now thinking how can Bosnia and Herzegovina be the country of buts? Well you see, in our country we don’t have luxury hotels with infinity pools or Michelin restaurants that are world know, but instead, we can offer a home-cooked meal right from the oven that you will eat next to the river and pay only a few euros. We also don’t have world-recognized sites and attractions, but we will offer you the chance to be alone while visiting the biggest rainforest in Europe, the biggest canyon in Europe, and some of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see. Chances are, that in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will not see many things you would expect when you visit somewhere, but, isn’t that the point of traveling? So, in short, if you like buts, no matter if they are big or small, you will probably like Bosnia and Herzegovina as well.

Country Bosnia & Herzegovina
Robert Dacesin
Robert Dacesin
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Goals of the film

The main goal of the film is to present the most important aspects of Bosnia and Herzegovina to people not very familiar with it. To show our main sites, historical and natural, our food and our hospitality, something that we are very proud of. I am aware that I don’t live in a country that is well known and that has millions of visitors per year, but what I do know is that everyone that has visited us, has always gone home with a big smile on their face. I truly believe that on our small surface, we combine all the things one needs to have fun and enjoy and also to always remember time spent being with our people. So, if you give me a chance in these four minutes or so, I would like to tell you what makes us special and why you should come to visit us.

Target Group

The main target group of the film are travelers who are looking to find some new destination to explore and some new country to discover. Besides them, I am sure that photographers and videographers can be inspired by some of the locations in the film to visit them and create content for their needs.

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