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The promotional film of the city of Bydgoszcz with the participation of Orkiestra Na Dużym Rowerze (Big Bike Orchestra) is a dynamic and humorous story,
which presents the charm of the city in an amusing way.
The film starts with a picturesque shot of the Old Town,
where the Bydgoszcz bugle call sounds, giving a unique atmosphere.
However, the film quickly becomes full of twists and turns,
promising that this is not another boring promotional film.
The action of the film moves to the airport, where the Big Bike Orchestra tries to avoid a collision with an oncoming plane.
The musicians are drawn into comical and unexpected situations, creating humorous scenes.
At this point we learn that the film will be full of unexpected stories.
The Big Bike Orchestra is a Polish pop-folk band formed in 2021 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The band’s unique characteristic is that the musicians
combine playing instruments with simultaneous riding on a specially constructed six-person bicycle.
The orchestra has already played over 200 concerts, travelling more than 100,000 kilometres.
They have presented their cycling show in 12 countries. Their madness has also spread on social media, where their videos have already been
viewed more than 100 million times, winning the hearts of fans from all over the world.
A unique and challenging project in the team’s history took place in September 2023, when they embarked on a crazy “Eurotrip on Big Bike –
from Bydgoszcz to Europe”. Over the course of ten days, they visited 10 European countries,
delivering unforgettable experiences at iconic sites such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Atomium in Brussels,
the Charles Bridge in Prague, the Zurich Opera House
and even pedalled their BigBike through the streets and bridges of Amsterdam.

Country Poland
Municipality of Bydgoszcz
Fisheye Productions
Agency N/A
Goals of the film

The aim of the film is to create a dynamic and humorous promotional spot
that aims to present the charm and attractions of the city of Bydgoszcz.
The main idea of the film production is to surprise and amuse viewers,
breaking from the typical patterns of standard promotional films.
We wanted the video to stand out for its originality and memorable moments,
encouraging potential tourists to visit the city.
The film is also intended to show Bydgoszcz as a place that combines history
and tradition with modernity and development, and to emphasise
the friendly nature of the inhabitants and the variety of attractions available in the city.
Through comical situations and unusual interactions of the Orchestra on the Big Bike
with the local environment and the inhabitants,
the movie is intended to convey the atmosphere of spontaneous fun
and a positive approach to life that is characteristic of Bydgoszcz.
Finally, the aim of the film is to attract the attention and interest of viewers,
who would like to visit Bydgoszcz, experiencing its unique charm and atmosphere.
The idea behind the screenplay was to unconventionally combine three elements that are promotional symbols of the city
– a bicycle, music and water.
The City of Bydgoszcz initiated and has for several years been organising the currently largest cycling competition between
the inhabitants of cities and municipalities in Poland under the title Bicycle Capital of Poland.
In 2023, Bydgoszcz was the only Polish city in this year’s competition to be awarded the title of UNESCO
Creative City in the field of music.

Target Group

The video will reach the hearts of older and younger
viewers through its unique character and style.
It was loved not only by the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz,
but also by domestic and foreign tourists.
It is an excellent motivation to visit the city and spend a few days there,
or even to stay for much longer.

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