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Get away from our loved ones for a while, as we had to do the last months, leads us to see things from another point of view and to revaluate our priorities. And when the meet occurs, we eager to welcome what is already known and yearn for us, at the same time that we look at what has changed during our absence. The same happens with our home country, our region, our city, our neighbourhood. Eager to rediscover what I know, obviously, but feeling curiosity for see how everything has changed over time, which new things I will find and what will I feel when visiting places that I know like the palm of my hands. Moreover, this is the main perspective that we show of Catalonia in this film: how Catalonia is able to observe everything as if it were the first time, how is able to find the most attractive aspect of things in order to transfer to public that passion for what is observed. The key is to cure it like a trip: we will see lots of strips and shots that are transformed in a pleasing journey through our land, through all the corners. A collage of images that takes us from the present to the past, but always keeping a lively and dynamic visual aspect and giving coherence to the film with a stylized documentary style that communicate the modernity of Catalonia or their oldest concepts. A realistic approach but sprinkled with other textures and formats, black and white images, stock footage, stylized scenes and natural scenes, etc. This approach will add depth and richness to the movie, with the order to create a dynamic and visually very attractive piece.

Country Spain
Catalan Tourist Board
Agency The Cyranos
Goals of the film

Our main goal for this advertising campaign is to communicate the real Catalonia. For this reason, the main highlight is to show the diversity that you found in our society. Diversity means variety of people, type of places, assortment of activities, a big range of cultures and above everything, our avant-garde value.
We want to communicate the culture that join Catalan people together, also the native culture but not less important the culture that we have been adopting over time, giving us an unique hodgepodge that always enriches a society.
In Catalonia, we have almost everything in a relatively small territory: from sunny beaches to snowy mountains, from cosmopolitan cities to modest villages, from cutting-edge industries to historic arts and crafts, from international cultural events to unique local traditions… Infinity of circles, traditions and activities that make Catalonia into a rich and attractive place for anyone.
Communicate yesterday Catalonia and the Catalonia of our present, mixing our most iconic archetypal with the most modern and advanced details of our society.

Target Group

Indiv 25-70 anys from Catalonia, Spain, Germany, France and England.

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