Center of Portugal, it´s so much!


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“Centro de Portugal, it´s so much” is the new promotional film by Turismo Centro de Portugal.

The path to finding the perfect claim for Turismo Centro de Portugal has never been an easy task. To decipher, in a nutshell, such a vast and diverse region is a mission that requires a deep knowledge of the territory. But also, the sensitivity needed to create an emotional link with the target. It is essential to be aware of trends, changes and what consumers want and demand.

In this film, we will get to know the story of João Costa and Ana Rodrigues, two creatives from an agency, who have in their hands the challenge of creating the new promotional film for Turismo Centro de Portugal. Let’s get to know his philosophical, and almost existential, wanderings about what to show in the new film, which manages to do justice to the “Tanto” (so much) that is and exists in Center of Portugal. It’s about 5 minutes, where we watch the different theories, scenarios, situations (some that “don’t remind the devil”!), in which both put the characters. A very funny movie, and where empathy with the main character, “the father”, is almost immediate! “It could be me!” is almost the immediate thought.

Watch João and Ana’s challenge. And get to know a little bit of the “Tanto” that is the Center of Portugal! We are sure it will be an inspiration for your next trips!

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Turismo Centro Portugal
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Goals of the film

The main objective of this film is to try to translate the huge variety of tourist products that exist in the Center of Portugal, trying to impact different segments of the public, with different profiles, different interests, different motivations. It also intends to highlight emerging tourist products, such as nature and wellness tourism, active and sports tourism (pedestrianism, cycle tourism, nautical tourism), industrial tourism, among others, seeking to show that the Center of Portugal follows the touristic trends demands. Without ever forgetting structural tourist assets for the region such as culture, history and heritage (for example, the Historic, Schist or Mountain Villages) or religious tourism (Sanctuary of Fátima). It is intended to promote all this diversity, humanizing the destination, where people and their experiences are the main theme of the entire narrative.

Target Group

Center of Portugal is a diverse destination, for all kind of people, with diverse motivations and profiles, so this video aims to impact all of them (younger, older, families,…).

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