Confortable Century

Comfortable Century



It was supposed to be the most comfortable and best century in history. It was even supposed to be so comfortable that there was no need to look out the windows. At least that was what the ingenious architect Adolf Loos planned for his customers. But everything turned out differently. History did what it wanted and marched under the windows, rushed in and began to change rooms according to its taste. The film presents our past through real episodes from the lives of people who lived in unique collection of interiors created by Adolf Loos, which are still present in west Bohemian city of Pilsen.  Individual fragments that float from one apartment to another in chronological order revive past events, small and large stories that took place in them. Other fragments, on the other hand, thematize contemporary notions of housing, society and progress. The film revives the past of flats with video mapping. We follow stories of people who lived and worked there and the stories which represent spirit of four different periods: bourgeoisie, nazism, communism, capitalism and we will flow chronologically through one apartment to another and continuously put together a mosaic of ever-changing  life style from 20ies up to present time.

Country Czech Republic
Studio Petrohrad and Frame Films
Agency N/A
Goals of the film

The goal of the film is to present the extraordinary interiors by Adolf Loos in Pilsen, to introduce the history, past events and stories connected to the interiors and mainly the people who lived there. This short presentation should attract tourists to visit the city.

Target Group

The film was created for potential visitors of the city of Pilsen, not only for domestic travellers, but also for foreigners. We aim for design and architecture enthusiasts, so called hedonists, one of our target groups. 

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