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Cuba is privileged to have one of the most widely remembered values by tourists:
the warmness of its people.
Very few destinations in the world have the ability to leave such an indelible mark on its visitors.
Cuba belongs to that select group, and that is the message we want to send to the public with the campaign: the people of Cuba are authentic, unrepeatable, “unique”. People who, due to their kindness and hospitality, you will not find in other parts of the world.

That is why the general claim of the campaign, always used in Spanish, is “CUBA ÚNICA”

However, due to to its inherent characteristics and peculiarities, Cuba also offers a wide-ranging combination of features that can only be found on this idyllic island.

Country Cuba
Ministerio de Turismo de Cuba
Island Film & Mallorca Video // Nelson Navarro & David Fernández
Agency Disset Consultores
Goals of the film

Conceptual Framework – “The Cuban people: ambassadors of the destination”.

Tourist destinations that occupy the same market segment or geographical area usually project the same images that they consider to be their own: beaches, natural landscapes, leisure and sporting activities, etc.

Hence…, what allows Cuba to position itself as a different destination in relation to other Caribbean destinations? The Cuban people.

This is the challenge. To position the destination in a way that sets it apart and, as a consequence, makes it attractive for potential visitors.

“The Cuban people: ambassadors of the destination”. This is the intangible value that we want to depict; the people are inviting us to come and let them show us the island. This must be achieved from the perspective of a modern Cuba, one that is not stuck in time, straying far from the visual topics and stereotypes that have previously been used in advertising campaigns.

Our proposal is based on redirecting our audience to our online channels in order to drive traffic and bookings. In addition, we’ll use the “#CubaUnica” hashtag as an umbrella term and common thread throughout campaign and for all media, particularly online and on social media.

Target Group

The Target of the campaign is the general public. The campaign will be broadcasted set by set in different countries around the world following the media plan.

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Mob: +43 (1) 505 53 3719
Email: [email protected]

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