Einfach Wir.

Einfach Wir.



This series consists of four spots following a family’s voyage to childlike light-heartedness in the sun-kissed alpine landscapes of Tirol. The family of four can be seen playing around a tree. They dance ridiculously and wildly to the music of a brass band. The family shows us just how adventurous a puddle of mud can be. And that you do not need much else than an echo and a bottle of soda to give your own concert. Spend time with family in a region that offers so many options to be “just us”.

Country Germany
Tirol Werbung GmbH
Molle&Korn GmbH
Agency Molle&Korn GmbH
Goals of the film

It is the aim of this film series to play on the longing of parents for light-heartedness, the just-us feeling. We show a family that becomes a unit through childish, silly and unconventional behaviour. A longing that remains just a longing in the everyday life of stressed families. In this humorous spot series we show you that Tyrol is the best place to fulfill this desire. The spots intentionally show rather unconventional activities. In this way, we focus on a feeling instead of a product.

Target Group

During the development of this spot we focused on addressing families in DACH, NL, PL and UK markets. Further members of the target group are alpine-savy. This implies that they have spent at least one summer or winter holiday in an alpine region within the past three years or are planning to do so within the upcoming three years. Additionally, a particular focus was put on addressing the target group of families.

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