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Explore Uganda – The Pearl of Africa



The Explore Uganda – The Pearl of Africa is a short film developed by UTB and TBWA to amplify Destination Uganda as a highlights reel of all that is precious, rare and beautiful in Africa. The video emphases that fact that Uganda is a destination for travellers with so many reasons to explore the beautiful destination including adventure, diverse flora and fauna, true Ugandan culture and hospitality as well as the remarkable strides registered in wildlife conservation and sustainability. Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa.

Country Uganda
Uganda Tourism Board
LoukOut Films
Agency TBWA Uganda
Goals of the film

The Uganda Tourism Board commissioned TBWA to develop of the Explore Uganda – the Pearl of Africa Film in order to fulfil the Board’s objectives of promoting Uganda’s tourism offerings by persuading travellers allover the world to experience the adventure of a lifetime by visiting the destination. The film is expected to emotionally connect millions of travellers around the world and raise awareness of Uganda – the Pearl of Africa across leading film tourism outlets, platforms and social media channels.

Target Group

The Explore Uganda – The Pearl of Africa film largest both potential and built target audiences of travellers allover the world with keen interest in exploring Uganda. through the film, UTB aims at building and sustaining relationships with these travellers across the available film, traditional media and social media channels.

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