Feel More in Qatar


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This campaign follows a family visiting Qatar. In each execution we start with an emotional tension: the family are together but not together.
Fortunately, Qatar’s amazing range of emotional experiences means they Feel More in Qatar, and by the end they are closely bonded as a loving family again.
Our distinctive ‘storyworld’ approach led to 3 x 30”s which focus on different family members’ emotional journeys. Then our 60” spot brought together the whole family to showcase the huge range of rich emotional experiences on offer in the world’s most exciting new destination.

Country Qatar
Qatar Tourism
Academy Films
Agency BBDO
Goals of the film

To drive more familiarity with Qatar among global travellers. We want to help them realise the huge amount that is on offer in our small, easily accessible country, and position Qatar as the place where travellers will have a greater breadth and depth of emotional experiences, whatever kind of holiday they are looking for.

Target Group

Global premium travellers. People intending to travel to the Middle East either as an end-destination or as a stopover.
To ensure more rigorous targeting, we conducted segmentation of all different global travellers’ needs. Then we matched those with the areas where Qatar had a world-beating offering. These gave us six ‘demand spaces’ to focus on: Sun, Sea and Sand; Active Adventurers; Culture Enthusiasts, Luxury Seekers; Rest and Relaxation; and Romance.
Then, for each demand space we created tailored work that could showcase Qatar’s great attractions to the most relevant target audience.

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