Glimpses of Georgia

Glimpses of Georgia



Glimpses of Georgia was structured and distributed in three waves, each one featuring a video and a companion article alongside it, to offer both accessibility and depth. Using insights from Bloomberg Media’s travel survey, the Studios team identified which themes and activities would resonate most with its audience — from city breaks to cultural- and nature-based experiences — to build the campaign around. The campaign brought to life why Georgia should be at the top of any travel wish list.

Country USA
Georgia National Tourism Administration
Bloomberg Media Studios
Agency N/A
Goals of the film

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, countries were struggling to get back into the tourism game. The brief from Georgia’s National Tourism Administration asked Bloomberg Media Studios to avoid dwelling on the heritage and history of the country, but instead convey a modern, adventurous side. The client wanted to make the point that the country offers a thriving contemporary urban culture, as well as mesmerizing natural landscapes and adventures, which make Georgia the complete destination.

Target Group

Bloomberg is well respected globally for its expertise and knowledge in creating incisive, compelling content for an affluent, globally aware audience, which is why the Georgia National Tourism Administration came directly to Bloomberg Media Studios for a partnership on this project. The goal was to tap into the audience of affluent, high net wealth individuals who visit Bloomberg . Individuals who want something off the beaten trail and exciting.

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