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Golubac Fortress – Ancient Guardian Of Iron Gate

The medieval knight and princess are the only inhabitants of the medieval Golubac fortress. Until early morning. Then the barbarians arrive. in the form of modern tourists touring their fort. They disappear among the fortress walls and reappear in the late evening when the last Danube cruiser full of tourists departs from this highly visited tourist destination. And so until the next day

Votes: 4062

Goals of the film Target Group

Promotion of a new tourist spot renovated with funds from the Serbian government and the Austrian ADA. In 8 months of 2019, the fortress was visited by 110,000 tourists with paid tickets. The aim of the promotion is to pay at least 150,000 tourists this year and pay a visit to this destination.

Danube cruise ship passengers traveling to and from the Black Sea. Cyclists using the Danube cycling route, students of history, archeology, groups of tourists visiting the Danube, whether by boat, car or small boat such as participants in the Danube TID regatta



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    Promotional Films

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    Golubac Fortress / Tvrdjava Golubački Grad

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