Hamad International Airport Campaign

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Hamad International Airport, Qatar, wanted to launch a global campaign celebrating the first anniversary of its ‘Orchard’ indoor tropical garden. This campaign was part of a longer-term strategy to change the perception of what an airport can be, from a place to catch a plane, to an experiential destination i – as such, the campaign needed to be engaging, immersive and aspirational – a rich sensory taster of Orchard that conveyed rejuvenation to weary travelers.

Country Qatar
Hamad International Airport
Breakout Films
Agency M&C Saatchi MENA
Goals of the film

Objective: Give travelers and prospective travelers a taster of the rejuvenating experience that awaits them at Orchard, the indoor tropical garden, at the heart of Hamad International Airports new expansion. Position Orchard as an aspirational destination, driving a strong desire to experience it and in doing so, influence travelers to connect through Hamad International Airport on their next long-haul flight.

Target Group

Travelers and prospective travelers through Hamad International Airport in Qatar. Predominantly those traveling from Europe to Asia and vice versa, who connect through one of the region’s major airport hubs.

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