Hof – Worth the Stop?



“A young girl sitting on a bench in the Austrian village of Hof, reading. A car with a German family is coming to a halt near her, the tourists asking her wether Hof is worth a stop (the difference in language, culture and attitude between Germans and Austrians might be as tall as between Americans and Brits)
The girl gasps and a little film is starting to roll in her head. Her thoughts about her hometown in a flash. The pros, the cons and all the other stuff.
The tourists surely don’t get anything of that. After a few long silent moments for them, the girl finally makes it to say: “” maybe, I don’t know.””
The Germans are not sure what to think about this slow kid and this place, wave good bye and drive on.”

Country Austria
Gemeinde Hof bei Salzburg
Zenturio Film Creation
Agency N/A
Goals of the film

“Hof is the hometurf of the film’s writer and director Bernhard Riegler. So he knows the place pretty well.
Hof is squeezed between the touristic hotspot Salzburg and the also famous Salzkammergut. A road cuts right through the small village and during the holiday season the traffic is heavy there. The masses drive directly to the legendary destinations St. Wolfgang, Bad Ischl and so on. Nobody knows
Hof or cares to get to know the place. In most people’s minds it is just a small drive through village with a few shops and gas stations alongside the road.
But at a second glance Hof is an uncut diamond. A truly phantastic place which just might need a wake up kiss. This little clip might be this kiss.”

Target Group

Domestic and international guests interested in a kind of quiet high quality tourism.

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