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More than three million guests visit the Saxon Switzerland National Park every year for active recreation, because here they can experience and enjoy closeness to nature and the unique landscape of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. In order to preserve the abundance, uniqueness and beauty of this nature permanently and at the same time to enable an intensive experience of nature, a lot of consideration and circumspection is required. This film explains the rules of conduct from the point of view of an “insider”. The rules of conduct are limited to five simple rules: 1. avoid noise 2. bury faeces 3. take your waste back with you 4. observe the rules of “boofen” and 5. strictly prohibit fire and smoking. How the Saxon Switzerland National Park manages to strike a balance between an intensive experience of nature for everyone and the necessary protection of flora and fauna in a unique habitat depends on all of us. Forest fire prevention is not only a matter for the national park administration or the volunteer fire department, but requires the caution and civil courage of every individual. These simple rules apply worldwide, because we are all just guests in the living rooms of eagle owls, foxes and co.

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Saxon Switzerland National Park
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Goals of the film

Anyone who spends time in nature as a visitor must adhere to five essential rules under all circumstances. This film vividly presents these rules from the perspective of an “insider” and appeals to the caution and moral courage of each individual. These rules apply not only in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, but worldwide!

Target Group

First and foremost, the film is aimed at visitors to the Saxon Switzerland National Park. Beyond that, however, every person who spends time in nature may feel addressed and obliged.

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