In its purest form

In its purest form



It is the middle of the night when you, as viewer, seem to sneak into the museum. First discovering the renewed, older part of the building. We float trough the old chambers, restored in their splendor and beauty. Afterwards – at daybreak – the film takes us to the new, modern part of the museum. The building seems to come to live and dances in front of our camera. In the second part we mix and match(cut) the two of them with attention for various architectural parts.

Country Belgium
KMSKA (together with KAAN Architect and Builders: Artes)
Mediamixer bv
Goals of the film

The museum has been shut down for renovation for more than 10 years. We want to reveal the newly renovated building of the museum to the public. The main change is that the museum now consists of two parts: an older, restored part and a new, modern part. We want people to become enthusiastic for visiting the museum when it opens again. And show the ‘artwork’ of the architecture and the builder/developer of the new building. We want to get their attention on the details and finished parts.

Target Group

The target group is (potential) visitors of the museum and of the city of Antwerp with interests in architecture and art. The museum is an important museum in Flanders and a project subsidized by the Flemish government, so the wider Flemish audience (and its visitors) are a secondary audience too.

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