Kaštela – Seven Reasons to Visit

“The official tourism film for city Kaštela (Central Dalmatia, Croatia), inspired by the legend of “”Miljenko and Dobrila””, two lovers from opposed families who lived there in 17th century.
Through a story about secret messages hidden across all seven parts of Kastela, we are showing some of the most interesting cultural, natural and historic beauties that city offers to its visitors. We wanted to show the life in Dalmatia like it used to be, long time ago. It’s a way of life that exists in traces even nowadays in Kaštela.”

Goals of the film Target Group

Showcase of city Kaštela and its natural, cultural and historic attractions. Also, the film is an example of the use of storytelling in tourism promotion.

General audience, wide audience, tourists and visitors to Croatia, Central Dalmatia and city Kaštela

  • Country


  • Production type

    Promotional Films

  • Client

    Tourist Board Of Kaštela

  • Production company

    Moonstone Production

  • Agency



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