Kita-Echigo Sake Tourism - Japan's Hidden Gem

Kita-Echigo Sake Tourism – Japan’s Hidden Gem



The film starts with the question quote, “Have you really had sake?”. Then a couple traveling from the U.S. drinking warmed amazake by the heat and conversing with a Japanese person who happens to be in the same room with them.
This is an area of Japan that is still very hidden (not yet well known). That is why you can experience that cannot be had anywhere else and gives it a special feeling.
In this film, you will not only experience the sake brewery and the secrets of sake’s deliciousness, but you will also experience all the highlights of the entire area and feel the unchanged nostalgic atmosphere of old Japan and the unity of the local people. It would be a shame if you come to Japan and don’t visit these places. Here you can experience things you can’t in Tokyo.” The final words of the protagonist, “This is such a hidden gem,” sum up the entire film.

Country Japan
Kikusui Sake Corp., Ltd.
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Goals of the film

Our ultimate goal is for sake lovers from all over the world to gather in Niigata and Kita-Echigo, saying “Niigata is the place to think of SAKE” and “I want to experience something I can’t in a big city”. Hopefully, by winning this award, this video will be shared with the world, and we hope to spread the word about the charms of the region through a new way of tourism called SAKE tourism.

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