Lithuania: Find your sauna self



What do the words “Lithuanian sauna” evoke? A relaxing experience with friends? Maybe. A meditative moment? Sure. A place where you can test your heat tolerance? Why not?

Eager to experience Lithuanian sauna, our protagonist comes across a small cabin. He’s surprised to see a young woman, all red from the heat, run out of the cabin and jump into a nearby pond to cool off. Is that the authentic sauna experience he was expecting? Reluctantly, he enters the sauna, where a menacingly looking (but actually friendly) sauna master greets him. Step by step, our protagonist is initiated into the magical world of the Lithuanian sauna – from whisks that are used to massage the body to SPA-like procedures, from ancient rituals to good clean fun with fellow sauna goers.

The film features a number of different sauna experiences, known to everyone in Lithuania but virtually unknown in countries with no sauna culture. It also showcases the wide variety of saunas that can be found scattered across the country. The film ends with the protagonist literally taking the plunge and jumping in a pond. After such a rich wellness session, he has surely found his sauna self.

Country Lithuania
Lithuania Travel
Wide Wings
Agency Archetipai, MB
Goals of the film

To showcase world the little-known phenomenon of Lithuania sauna, and to introduce this unique experience to everyone seeking to discover something new.

Target Group

Foreign – travellers and adventure seekers, keen to discover new things (demographics: 20-60 years old, Europe).

Domestic – Lithuanians and diaspora Lithuanians who enjoy traditional sauna and want to share their love for it with friends abroad (demographics: 20-60 years old).

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