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Everybody walks through a different city: the city-canvas of the waiter, the city-fountain of the taxi driver, the wandering city of the traveller, the city caught in the pause of a child, that of a man being pulled along by an umbrella or a woman blowing out the candles of her first coffee, the city someone is discovering for the first time. The city is growing like a giant, stretching its limbs as if they were made of chewing gum.
Sometimes it’s the rain that embraces its pavements, sometimes the sunlight smiles before our eyes. Sometimes the wind carries the city six steps farther away.
A city that contains thousands of different cities that all come together in an embrace. An embrace at every corner, at the underground exit, or at the cinema. An embrace in the background of a painting. An embrace between two glasses of wine.
In the city of embraces the unicorn finds the forest, the astronaut his rooftop and the salmon its river. Every one of them lives this city, leaving their footprints on top of the footprints others have already left behind them. A complicit, chaotic city, that starts to tremble, it surprises you, it looks you in the eyes and it takes its shoes off, it walks by you and it brushes your fingers. It’s a city that gives you back whatever it was you lost one day long ago, that becomes the home and the roots of a stranger, a city that sweeps away the lines that separate us and comes together in an embrace.

Goals of the film Target Group

Communicate the new tourism icon of the city, the embrace


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    Madrid City Council

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    Madrid Destino

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