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The latest television commercial for Madhya Pradesh Tourism is a delightful kaleidoscope of its stunning destinations, rich history, delectable cuisine and vibrant culture. All of these features are brought alive through the eyes of the many tourists who keep coming to this rich and diverse state.
Every frame in the film gives the viewer the experience of a tourist visiting this rich destination. Be it the architectural marvels of Gwalior and Mandu, the picturesque beauty of Pachmarhi and Orchha, the sight of the majestic tiger in its national parks, the breathtaking views of the Dhuadhar falls, or the bustling, delectable tastes and sights of the Sarafa Bazar in Indore; this film is an honest expression of what one will truly experience in Madhya Pradesh.

Country India
Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board
Hungry Films
Agency Ogilvy & Mather
Goals of the film

The brief was to showcase various destinations of Madhya Pradesh exactly as they appear, the real images of the tourist attractions. So we created a campaign with real images – the way real people shoot, post and share. From black & white to Eastman colour to technicolour to Polaroids to digital Images; from lovers to food lovers; from relic hunters to selfie hunters; from everyday tourists to hardcore travelers and backpackers…we used pictures and videos to create a film that showcases destinations of the heart of India. Out of over 40,000 images, we chose more than 400 images to make a film.

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