Mirador Torre Glòries

Mirador Torre Glòries



Mirador torre Glòries is the new cultural landmark of Barcelona, located in the most emblematic building of 21st-century Barcelona, Torre Glòries, designed by world-renowned French architect Jean Nouvel. From this month of May?22, Catalonia?s capital have a new and unique multi-disciplinary space that, in addition to offering exclusive 360º views of the city, goes further by reinterpreting the traditional concept of an observation deck by bringing together art, science, technology and environmental awareness as has never been done before.

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Goals of the film

The target audience for this video presentation of the equipment, made by the film director Steve Green and the advertising agency Tractor, is a responsible, sensitive and demanding visitor, curious and reflexive, a permanent and active consumer of the internet in its different channels, with an age range between 20 and 65 years old, from multiple geographical origins. They are expecting to see the best 360º views of Barcelona at the same time that having the possibility of going further in a personal exercise of facing the challenges of climate emergency that we have had to live and making a proposal to reimagine the cities of the future from a height of more than 125m.  The video has a markedly intimate tone that captures your attention in an attempt to seduce you and invite you to see Barcelona like never before.

Target Group

The space is a double vantage point that offers a unique experience for re-discovering Barcelona through fresh eyes, on both the 30th floor and the first basement floor. In a time of constant change, with cities striving to be more green, friendly and sustainable, the art installations that structure the narrative of the Mirador torre Glòries invite visitors to acknowledge that they do not live alone and reflect on the interdependence and interconnection that exists between all the elements that comprise the urban ecosystem. Amazingly suspended in the dome of the tower, Cloud Cities Barcelona, the only permanent multi-sensory walk-in art installation by the acclaimed contemporary artist Tomás Saraceno, evokes this reflection of the fragile interdependence of all the elements that define our cities and invites the visitor to experience it first-hand.

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