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“After months of isolation in uncertainty and fear, today we prefer to stay safe in our four walls and avoid any kind of contact, in order to preserve our health and the health of our loved ones. Despite that, as never before, we do not stop dreaming about destinations where deserved peace and rest await us, re-establishing a connection with the world and ourselves.
Where is that refuge that can give us warmth, security, and a new beginning? We believe that it is located in nature, among the dark vertical mountains, clear lakes, and sunny beaches of the Montenegrin coast.
Nature, in its wild beauty, is the only place we can always call our own. We will always really belong to her – because we came from there and we can always return there, fed with strength, vitality, and serenity, for, another new beginning.
Montenegro is a place where all of us can experience freedom again – accompanied by nature and loved ones. NATURE & ME Surrounded by the natural beauty of Montenegro, one will never get lonely, even if/when one is at a distance from another. This is the core message – Nature & me
At the same time, the slogan speaks about the untouched natural beauty of Montenegro and reminds us that that nature is our friend. The idea for the TV spot emerged from this point of view. It paints natural beauty, showing the thin line between people and nature.”

Country Montenegro
National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro
Artikulacija Film
Agency SVA agency - Belgrade 
Goals of the film

The video campaign, which features travel experiences from across Montenegro, highlights the untouched natural beauty of the country and reminds us that that nature is our friend – encouraging travelers to think of the natural environment of Montenegro as a relative they will one day reunite with. The key goal is to send a message about Montenegro as a safe destination, characterized by untouched nature and diversity.

Target Group

“The National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro (NTO Montenegro) has launched a new global campaign to showcase the natural environment of the country, bringing to life the relationship between nature and people and showcasing its importance in a restrictive digital world. Inspiring travel to Montenegro, when possible, ‘Nature & Me’ focuses on the need for people to embrace nature as a break from the virtual world we have been forced to live in before and during the pandemic.
Families who want a safe summer vacation, close to nature. They want simplicity and closeness with the family started during the Covid-19 quarantine, and yet actively.
Young researchers who want to try something new (couples, individuals, and “”teams””)
“”Luxury”” for travelers who want to enjoy in accordance with their standards, to feel the hospitality and splendor of luxury associated with nature.
To the locals, who are reminded of the natural beauties they have not yet explored.”

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