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Niigata Gastronomy


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Niigata Prefecture is located on the Sea of Japan side, just 70 minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen. Niigata Prefecture boasted the largest population in Japan until the mid-Meiji period, and boasted economic and cultural prosperity as a port of call for Kitamaebune ships. After that, the center of the economy moved to the Pacific Ocean side, and Niigata Prefecture became “the back side of Japan”, but the diverse food culture with the background of history, culture and climate miraculously survived and is now called “NIIGATA GASTRONOMY”. Blooming. Niigata’s climate, food ingredients, traditions, history, producers, and more. Enjoy a trip to experience the food culture of Niigata that can only be tasted in this land created by chefs.

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Niigata Prefecture
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Niigata Prefecture is a rice-growing area that symbolizes Japan, and you can only find it in Niigata Prefecture. There are many unique food cultures. In addition, it is a cultural area of sake, and boasts the highest consumption of sake per capita in Japan. In recent years, it has also been attracting attention as a production area for excellent Japanese wine. Above all, you will be amazed at the many wonderful restaurants created by young chefs. Another advantage that’s often overlooked is that it’s close to Tokyo, while also being home to ski resorts and unique hot spring villages. I would like to invite travelers and foodies from Japan and abroad to come to Niigata to experience the depth of the appeal of Japanese food and travel.

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