Nothing much but much more

“An airplane flies over us. It’s taking tourist somewhere else. It’s a life story of Republic of Srpska, the tourists that we see are those flying over us. On the bright side, that’s only man made object you can see in this part of Europe. We kept our nature untouched. Especially one of the last rain-forests in Europe. We cherish great traditions, and enjoy wine and food. There are no 6 stars hotels, but do you need better host then local grandfather?
We are nothing much, but much more.”

Goals of the film Target Group

To be noticed. To showcase our sense of humor but also tourist potentials. To say that tourists are more then welcomed.

Tourists that are seeking for unexplored, but in Europe. Tourists that are looking for untouched nature and adventure.

  • Country

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Production type

    Promotional Films

  • Client

    Republic Of Srpska Tourist Organisation

  • Production company


  • Agency

    Mania Marketing Agency


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