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“The video was created to persuade more people to visit the Peloponnese area, part of the Greek mainland.
The insight behind the script is simple, yet very true: When it comes to top Greek touristic destinations, the islands are top of mind because of their beautiful beaches, the architecture, the gastronomy, the culture. With this in mind, we wanted to prove that Peloponnese is a big island and has nothing less than the islands. After all Peloponnese means the “”Island of Pelops'”” and also was separated from the mainland through an artificial canal in the late 1800’s.
And who can present Peloponnese better than its residents?
The idea of the video is to watch real Peloponnesean people, talking about their land, comparing it directly with the islands.
The narration proves that the Peloponnese is a big island that does not need to shy away from comparisons with other more famous greek islands. On the contrary, it offers similar or in some cases even better experiences.
True testimonials in a witty way, bust the myth of “” Greece is all about the islands “”.
It is a bold way to talk about a specific destination. The humourous, provocative comparison created buzz in social media and even sometimes heated discussions that contributed to its viral effect. But it also created high engagement and evoked spontaneous praise by many social media users.”

Country Greece
Region of Peloponnese
IndigoView Productions
Agency Unlimited Creativity
Goals of the film

The goals of the video were:
• To place Peloponnese among the top options when visiting Greece
• To challenge the perception that the best destination in Greece is the islands
• To showcase the beauty and the variety of choices that Peloponnese has to offer
• To increase online searches on Peloponnese as a destination.

Target Group

The film aimed at two different target groups.
A. Foreign potential visitors of Greece during summer
Foreign potential visitors, planning to come to Greece, go under the perception that the islands are the best choice.
Europeans and Americans, if asked about Greece, they recall immediately Myconos, Santorini, or Crete, and Peloponnese comes as a second choice.
B. Internal tourism
Even for Greeks, the most “” summerish”” destination for holidays is – again- the islands.

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