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This film is a celebration of difference. It highlights how we all seek to be different because our differences make us unique and make our lives more interesting. This includes where we choose to go on holidays.
The film begins with close-ups of people’s individual differences: jewellery, hair, tattoos, piercings, clothing. As the story unfolds, the camera pulls out to reveal these unique people are in a unique place – Australia’s Northern Territory.
The uniqueness of the region comes through in these wider images as the narration, by an Aboriginal elder, speaks of what makes each and every part of the Northern Territory different to anywhere else in Australia and in ordinary life.
As the story, the pictures, the music and the narration build to a crescendo, the film leaves the viewer with the clear message that the Northern Territory is the holiday destination for those people who want to see, do and feel something totally different.

Country Australia
Tourism Northern Territory
Zoom Film TV
Agency KWP!
Goals of the film

The objective of the campaign is to create the greatest amount of desirable awareness for the Northern Territory as a holiday destination that is ‘different in every sense’ and increase visitation to the Northern Territory throughout 2021. This follows quarantine lockdowns and border restrictions that were imposed throughout Australia in 2020. As Australians are able to move more freely around the country, but not yet internationally, we want the Northern Territory to be their preferred choice of holiday destination.

Target Group

The campaign idea ‘Seek Different’ is designed to target a primary audience of over 50-year-olds and a secondary audience of over 25-year-old Australian travellers.
50+ (potential audience of 8,071,000 in Australia)
25 – 34 (potential audience of 3,571,000 in Australia)
Of these combined Australian audiences, 62% are not currently considering a holiday in the Northern Territory and they are the ones we aim to convert into intenders and then visitors.

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